Iowa’s “Open-air prison” for women and children

According to Democracy Now, an immigration raid ended up with 400 people arrested at a meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa.  What happened to the families of those carted off?

And for those left behind–namely the wives and children of the men taken away–the town has been turned into what some have described as an open-air prison. Dozens of immigrant women remain in Postville without status or a means of support. Many of them are even forbidden from leaving and have been made to wear electronic monitoring bracelets.

According to the broadcast, the government helpfully supplied packets for those picked up, with scripts for them to use when entering their pleas and so on.  There was a problem, though.  The scripts presumed they were guilty of a series of crimes, including fraudulent use of government documents, identity theft and so on.

Why not just suppose them guilty, now that Habeas Corpus and all that no longer applies to non-citizens in the US, does it?