Democratic Convention’s Past Great Moments

The Times Online has an article about the ten great moments of past Democractic Conventions.  Some are quite weighty in comparison to the one below, but we lost this remarkable woman, Ann Richards, very recently, and the comment was delivered in her impeccable style.  You need to remember the reference is to the former President Bush, not the present one.

3 thoughts on “Democratic Convention’s Past Great Moments

  1. hi–maybe is missed it at this site, but im dying to chat with people—women mostly—who wont vote for obama. i think feminist has to become radical in order for us to be taken seriously…politicians know that, i think.

    can anybody lead me to such a site??? need to vent my feelings with other women.



  2. Also, Ofelia, there’s, which has a number of very committed democrats who are worried and angry.

    Interestingly, a major blogger there, big tent democrate, and alegre were both on DailyKos for some time. They’re both far from that now.

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