Irshad Manji

I can’t remember now how I came across this, but I’ve been meaning to suggest that you check out the blog of Irshad Manji, a Muslim feminist author and documentary maker.
She’s got fascinating discussions of, for example, misplaced reliance on ‘experts’ about Islam in deciding what books to publish or what’s OK put in a documentary, based in part on ‘expert’ reactions to her own documentary, Faith Without Fear (contrasted with the reactions the film actually received). Really good stuff to read if you’re interested in epistemology, multicuturalism, freedom of expression, etc etc… So if you’re wanting a break from the US Democratic convention, head on over and read Manji!

2 thoughts on “Irshad Manji

  1. Great blog. The comments a rough cut of her documentary received from academics are priceless. They seemed to me really like referee letters on feminist work.

  2. Manji has a knack for solid sensible commentary on almost any subject; I first came across her on Canadian television and have greatly enjoyed her commentary ever since (even when I think she’s wrong, which is, of course, the ultimate test case!).

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