Lilly Ledbetter: The Speech You Didn’t See

Lilly Ledbetter is the Goodyear employee who sued for sex discrimination after a lifetime of pay raises that were less than those received by her male counterparts. She won her lawsuit, but the Supreme Court overturned the decision because she did not file a suit within 6 months of her first discriminatory pay raise. (She of course didn’t know about the disparity till near the end of her career.) This led to the Fair Pay Restoration Act, which John McCain opposed, saying that women just need more training not equal pay. She spoke at the Democratic Convention, but I’ve seen many people complaining that this was not carried on most TV stations. Her speech is important (and short!). See it here. Or read it here.

2 thoughts on “Lilly Ledbetter: The Speech You Didn’t See

  1. I just read it, and it brought tears to my eyes. It is just sickening that the Supreme Court screwed Ledbetter – and millions of other women – out of pay that she earned. The injustice is crushing.

  2. Touching, but not huge in my mind. Crap happens to people all the the time. Millions of people are discriminated against every day, or have freedoms taken away based on false accusations, greed, or just plain clerical errors.

    The scary thing is, that the supreme court is the closest thing we have to what the founding fathers envisioned of a government. A select few guiding and protecting the rights of the lesser. Because common man is to instinctive and emotional to deal with guarding and looking out for its own interests. Its like parents taking control of their teenagers. The teenagers may not realize it, but the parents are usually acting in the teens own best interests, even if it doesn’t seem like it.

    Still can’t say I agree with the decision though.

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