6 thoughts on “McCain Condom

  1. Yuck! Well, he and his pals are trying to continue to screw us all, aren’t they? Better to “just say ‘no”! Although that does not work with rapists….

  2. Aaargh! And Planned Parenthood certainly isn’t going to suggest condoms as protection against rape. You know, maybe it’s better not to keep analysing this metaphor….

  3. Um, am I the only one who sees the irony of it? and the humour? Besides, I think its unfair to presume that there is a rape metaphor that applies only to women, I mean, McCain is trying to screw all of us right?

    It’s more of an insult to McCain that the public feels it needs a prophylactic in order to protect themselves from him.

    Maybe I just have a bad sense of humour.

  4. Jenn, I’m totally with you on all these points! It is funny. It is also icky. The rape metaphor was just an interesting conceptual development of the McCain’s trying to screw us idea– I didn’t mean at all to attribute it to Planned Parenthood!

  5. seems funny to me. i also don’t really see a cause to take it beyond the level of mccain = std/sti. i dunno, maybe it’s just a generation gap thing.

  6. No, no– I really didn’t mean to make some big deal out of it. The post was basically “sex with McCain– yech!”, then j and I started thinking about the metaphors. You’re right, there’s no cause for getting upset.

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