Inspiring literacy

 Google’s  controversial project to digitize the world’s literature.  It looks like a wonderful idea, especially to someone like me who doesn’t expect to lose royalities.  They do, however, invite reviews.  Below you’ll see the two reviews for the classic, Treasure Island.



Book stinks. Horrible. You want a better …

… book read “The outsiders” by SE Hinton: it’s good and there is fights on every corner. :<(


I hated this book. The plot was boring …

… and the style was nearly unreadable. This book is overall really boring and suckish. DO NOT READ THIS BOOK!!!!:K

I’m personally looking forward to when museums catch up and post viewers’ reactions next to the art work.

News Flash: Women Not Stupid!

McCain put a woman on the ticket! That’ll get all the women voting for him, right? Because that’s what we do– mindlessly support other women with no attention to boy-stuff like actual positions on issues. But oh no! Maybe it’s not working out that way after all! Women say Palin choice makes them less likely to support McCain. How mysterious: they actually care about like, equal pay and control over their own bodies. And maybe even the Iraq war. Or the economy. Or the environment. Nah, can’t be that– we must just not yet have realised she’s a woman.