New Republican Theme: Helping People is Laughable

Wow.  Wow.  Am I the only one who is both appalled and completely confused at the extent to which, not just Sarah Palin, but at least two other speakers including Rudy Giuliani used community organizing as a laugh line and the butt of jokes at the Republican National Convention last night?  And it’s not just that speakers decided this would be a great way to go.  It’s that the thousands of people in attendance agreed, laughingly, that the bare idea of “working” to help others is hysterical.

I don’t agree with, but can understand, Republican arguments against big government.  For the life of me, however, I can’t understand mocking individual efforts to help fellow citizens in small groups organize to govern themselves and take control over their difficult lives in times of crisis.  Now they’re against direct democracy, too??  And call me crazy, but haven’t any Republicans ever been community organizers?  Ever?  I’m sure that in fact some have.

It was certainly a show of the true colors of some attending delegates.  But, news flash for those who cracked up?, believing you’re good and holy because you vote pro-life, and then laughing your ass off at the concept of working for downtrodden individuals in small groups is not, exactly, precisely, what Jesus would do.   The only thing keeping me from thinking the nation has truly gone mad is the reassurance that I’m not alone.  At least the Obama campaign has responded promptly.


Cookbooks and Women’s Empowerment

Feminist epistemologists have for some time now called attention to the importance of modes of communication that aren’t always taken as seriously as they should be (e.g. letters, poems, songs as opposed to articles and reasoned arguments). But one that I’ve never before seen mentioned is cookbooks! And it seems this is overlooking something important. Cookbooks were an acceptable means for women to communicate with other women– and they knew it, and didn’t confine their writings to food. Thanks to Jender-Parents for directing me to this fascinating post by Kitchen Chick, a wonderful food blogger with amazing photographs and excellent recipes.