Not Eisenhower.  It’s the hurricane. 

Computer Models

 For the last several weeks, people around my city have been talking about what they will do in the event of a very big one.  We’ve had a couple of extremely bad experiences since I’ve been here, including a flooding which placed most of my university under five feet of water, and revealed that across the city emergy pumps, generators and, worst of all, thousands of lab animals were kept in basements.

So people are phoning to arrange evacuation stay-overs, worrying about their pets and following the news with excessive attention.  And Mary of the Rose was hard at work on hurricanes’ paths.  (“Do not send any to New Orleans,” I said firmly, and gave her a map.  So far two have missed us, which is a terrific record.)  And not much on feminist blogs, though Jender did write to ask how it was going. 

As we are now saying, Ike may be a problem.  Much more seriously, he will likely cause death and destruction, as others have already this summer.  And since he’s only the latest, and probably not the last, here’s the best tracking source from the US.  (Canada and places in Europe also have tracking resources, and I expect they’re as good as this, but I don’t know where they are.)

Do not even think “New Orleans!”

Global Sea-Surface Temperature

One thought on “Ike

  1. Good luck to you, jj.

    Feel free to contact me privately if you know how someone in J-ville can help out someone who needs it. Some of my family down south may be coming up here. They have already had massive flooding and extensive damage to their homes.

    And, if you see a good looking Choctaw guy fixing power lines, tell everyone to be nice to him. He’s probably got enough on his plate already because the power company he works for is trying not to abide by the agreements set out in the union contract—again. :)

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