Routledge new edition in Metaphysics (groan, groan)

You guessed it.  One women, Elizabeth Anscombe.

Now I have to confess I’m speculating a bit.  All I could find were listings of the last names of the authors.  There were some I didn’t recognize, so I looked them up on  For “Heller, metaphysics” google turned up two names.  One is a man at SMU who is moving/has moved to Syracuse.  The other is a woman who writes about desconstructing metaphysics.  Now it is possible that the latter is the one included, but I’m not betting on that.

Readers might be  interested in the discussion of women’s representation in metaphysics that occurs in the comments to this post.  Notice comment #8, with its list of some prominent women metapysicians.  Given the Routledge volume has a new section on causation, one might add Nancy Cartwright to the list.