Charging Rape Victims for Evidence Collection: addition

(This is Jender’s story, but I’m putting in an addition while much of England sleeps.  It’s important to get this one right.   JJ)

Where? Wasilla, Alaska. The only place in Alaska that did this. And it did it under Palin. And the only way they could get it to change was to pass a statewide bill banning it. Really. Now tell me again how Palin’s some kind of feminist victory.

Addition:  Apparently Palin’s denied this story (possibly the basis for the first comment below), but further investigation does not support her denial.  See Huffington Post here.

2 thoughts on “Charging Rape Victims for Evidence Collection: addition

  1. Jonolan, what is your source for that claim? It’s not what I’m hearing, and when Palin’s spokesperson was asked to explain, she/he declined to comment.

  2. I’d be interested to know the source of that as well, considering that that’s a pretty big strike against her in my eyes.

    And that doesn’t absolve her about her politics on abortion, gay rights, or the Public Safety Commissioner she fired because they declined to fire her sisters ex-husband.

    What about banning books (which, granted, hasn’t been proven as far as I have seen).

    So before anyone starts jumping to her defense, maybe those things should be considered in context as well, don’t you think?

    But, honestly, if it is untrue, thank you for clearing it up.

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