Thanks, though not from Galveston

Many, many thanks for the expressions of concern and all the good wishes.  They were great to see/hear.

  I’ve finally gotten to the university, from which I can email on a computer.  Iphones  don’t let one write a post, unfortunately.

The drive over to the university was very stressful.  Several times we started to turn onto a street and then saw a huge tree in the road with power  lines entwined around it.  Beatuful houses with crashed in roofs.  Dazed people.

Galveston is much, much worse.  We don’t be allowed on the island until it is ‘inhabitable,’ the governor says.  If you look at the video it doesn’t look too bad, until you notice all the houses at the water’s edge.  And this is after much of the water has drained.

You will see a large structure built out into the water;it’s a hotel in which people were staying.  Much else was built out, and it is almost all gone.  Including a Hooters.  Hardly compensation.

Apparently some cows on the Island survived; they must have been swimming for some time, some official said.  I couldn’t find a video of the causeway, which connects Galveston to the mainland.  About half of it  is covered by furniture and boats. 

There have been some interesting and very brief discussions on radio about whether it is such a hot idea to have all the power lines in Houston owned by one PRIVATE company.  Well, one announcer said firmly, the  market corrects the behavior of private companies.  O sure.

Palin, Clinton, SNL

I don’t know whether to post links every time SNL do anything on this theme – it would seem like overkill – but this one struck me as particularly funny.

(Unfortunately, I can’t find a way to embed it here without it loading and playing automatically, so you’ll just have to click through, sorry!)