Couric-Palin Interview: Surprise quiz question

Question:  In what ways does this interview reflect white privilege?  (For help with the concept, see the immediately preceding post.)

Also, I’d love to hear how this interview strikes others, maybe especially those  who teach.  From my professorial perspective, I’m tempted to say that she looks as though she’s gobbled down a lot of material, but hasn’t yet thought about it.

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  1. From this teacher’s perspective, if I were to approach Palin’s interview with the same critical standards I apply to college freshmen and sophomores in my writing and literature courses, I would feel I was being generous if I gave Sarah Palin a C for this. She never provides any specific support for her claims, talks in generalities, regurgitates material without revealing any critical thought, sometimes fails to answer the question, and even appears to make stuff up on one or two occasions.

    One would think that a woman who is supposedly qualified to lead the country would be able to meet the standards of logic, clarity, and relevance that are routinely applied to 18-21-year-old students.

  2. I think I just fell in love with Katie Couric.

    It is funny that this is brought up today actually. It was my first day back in school. Fall 08. And already we’re getting warnings about how to write our papers.

    We are warned against regurgitating ideas and concepts that you hear without adding your own thoughts to them. I believe this is all part of two rather complex systems: one is called “knowing your shit” (not just your talking points), the other is critical thinking.

  3. I just wish SOMEONE would interview OBAMA and ask HIM some tough questions and quit pussy footing around with him! Katie was just trying to make a name for herself and was mean and hateful. If she had been interviewing a man she would have been batting those lashes and smiling her famous smile and wouldn’t have been so hateful. Shame on you, Katie! Your channel just lost one of it’s few viewers!

  4. KT, Lot’s of people won’t have seen her as mean and hateful. Could you point to some specific feature or question that supports your claim?

    For the record, Couric asks Obama some tough questions here:

  5. “I just wish SOMEONE would interview OBAMA and ask HIM some tough questions and quit pussy footing around with him!”

    Yhea it’s not like Obama did an interview with Bill O’Reilley or anything.

  6. KT, feminism isn’t about wanting men to be punished while women get a free ride. Someone like Palin, who was arguably chosen JUST BECAUSE she’s a woman, is putting feminism back by a few years, I think. I’m ashamed that this whole thing went down, and ashamed she accepted when she should have known she wasn’t qualified. Clearly, she’s in this for the power trip.

    By the way, i just discovered this blog. So happy to have found it!

  7. Couric gave Palin an easy time. Look at interviews from European channels. Look at that Irish reporter who made Bush so angry. Interviews are supposed to be tough that way only the tough and smart get through. Not the idiots.

  8. The really sad part about this is that McCain set out to try and capture the ‘female’ vote. But what he has done is actually set women back in politics. I would argue that because of Palin’s sad grasp of foreign affairs and the economy in general, she just gives material to the portion of the population who believe that women are not cut out for politics. The truth is, women can be excellent in this role, just not Sarah Palin. God help us if McCain actually wins.

  9. Sarah – Sarah – Sarah, Shame on the Senator for caving in and going to central casting to find you, and shame on you for accepting. He should not be able to sleep at night knowing he did this irresponsible thing and possibly leaving the country that he professes to love in your hands. Is the Republican party so void of electable talent he had to cull through the mooose and caribou to find you? Who are you anyway, come out of the cloister and talk to us, answer the questions we all have. If you want our support, let us know who and what we are supporting. As for Katie’s interview
    being – mean , tough, nasty, and hard driving. Last time I checked the Vice Presidency and the Presidency are all of the above. If the gun toting, moose shooting, basketball playing lipstick wearing hockey mom can’t take what comes with the job interview the choice is clear. I teach 4th-8th grade at risk struggling students. They are taught critical thinking skills and to back up their thesis. They are expected to draw up a thesis, provide details and examples and then provide supportive details to extend their position . Sarah, our classes are crowded but we do have room for you. Please do not insult the citizens of this country by sarcastic, snide sound bites. I apologize for not practicing what I preach but my frustration and sarcasism are rooted in my concern for the frightening position our country ias in domestically and internationally and there is no room for pussy footing around.

  10. I am terrified. think about this person becoming president of the US in case McCain dies during his term in office. He has cancer and is also an old person, so the likelihood of him not being able to complete his first term is high. Think about this at the moment of choosing your candidate for next election!

  11. Christy’s response (top) is simply so good, I have to give applause! As a college student myself, never would I get away with responses like Palin’s and expect to do well enough for a win. I’m getting to the point where I’m just biting my nails when I hear Palin talk, want to hide my head under a pillow in shame, scream “No,no,no! Say this instead!” just to see her look a bit more representative of a VP candidate, for her sake. I’m embarrassed for her and I don’t even like her. I’d rather be proved wrong and have her show me the “right stuff” she’s made of. You can only bullshit so long before others see through it. I know there are a lot of citizens who like her but I think America isn’t quite so gullible – I hope!

    The more Palin speaks the more she shows what she doesn’t know. Time discloses truth. There’s still time. Curious as to how the Friday Biden/Palin debate will go. I’ve got a pillow ready for when I turn red for her or want to scream. :-)

    …Kira, glad you found this blog too. I love visiting here. Lots of great stuff here and it always make me think more critically. Maybe we should send this link over to Palin to learn a few things?? :-)

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