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Palin and Planned Parenthood: Big Success! September 28, 2008

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H/T to Rogue Rebel Ridiculous for letting me know what a big success the Palin/Planned Parenthood Donation Campaign has been. According to the New York Times,

So far, the scheme seems to be getting a strong response. As of Friday, Planned Parenthood had taken in $802,678 in donations from 31,313 people, said a spokesman for the organization, Tait Sye. More than two-thirds of the individuals are first-time donors to Planned Parenthood, Mr. Sye said, and money came in from all 50 states.

So, congratulations to all of you who have helped make this such a success!


3 Responses to “Palin and Planned Parenthood: Big Success!”

  1. jj Says:

    Great news. I just put in a comment about the origins of the idea.

  2. Drik Says:

    Cool! :D I know five people who donated from Sweden ;P

  3. […] worldwide attention we helped bring to the idea of donating to Planned Parenthood in Sarah Palin’s name.  (Not sure how this happened.  The campaign wasn’t by any means our idea, but for some reason […]

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