8 thoughts on “Palin-Couric: Part Four from Saturday Night Live

  1. The only upside to McCain-Palin winning is the comedy gold that will ensue. She thinks that the flintstones was a documentary.

  2. And the only thing funnier than the SNL version is the actual interview itself! I mean, this would be funny if it weren’t so scary…

  3. Yeah, I didn’t find this very funny because the actual interview is itself so uproariously hilarious. What would have been really funny is if the SNL version presented an impeccably knowledgeable and capable Palin!

  4. The real version is apparently freaking out conservatives: Former Reagan campaigner would like to see her do more fundraiser and be interviewed much less. A right-wing columnist keeps muting her because she can’t stand the incompetence… The debates will be interesting. Maybe I’ll actually watch that one…

  5. I thought the sketch was hilarious and terrifying for the same exact reason – it was nearly identical to the *actual* interview. To think this woman actually has a chance at running the country.

  6. I think all the critics are being way too hard on Sarah Palin. I think she and McCain would be a much better choice of candidates to run the country. People that support Obama actually think they and Obama are smart?? Please. You can’t be serious!

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