Ask for equal pay!

 In the run up to Equal Pay Day on the 30th Oct, Fawcett Society have an open letter to John Hutton MP (in the UK), Sec state for business enterprise and regulatory reform. In it, there are recommendations for closing the 17% gender pay gap, such as regular checks to monitor for inequalities (which would presumably help address other inequalities too, such as those Jender writes of here).

You can sign the letter here!
More info on Fawcett’s campaign here.

6 thoughts on “Ask for equal pay!

  1. Hi JJ,
    It looks like it is possible to sign if you are non-UK – the country/region box is not restricted. In short: there’s nothing to indicate it isn’t possible, but I don’t know how these petitions are received. Can’t be bad to show international recognition of the shameful inequality though. I’d say go sign it!

  2. Frankly I am rather interested where from that diffrence came from. I don’t mean to be rude, or (god-forbid, ups, I’m an atheist) showinistic, but, you see, the better the employe, the better he is paid. It is as simple as it can be and is called capitalism. The better you work, the more valuable you are, the more valuable you are, the better you are paid, as no one wants to lose a good employe

  3. Yeah, that must be why all those execs at failed companies are starving in the streets. Ah, the rationality of the market.

  4. that must also be why, despite climbing productivity, real wages for american workers have been (roughly) flat for the last 25 years or so.

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