Science and the US Election

The distinguished science journal, Nature, asked Obama and McCain to answer 18 questions about science and science policy. Obama responded, McCain did not. You can see the answers here, along with what Nature could unearth of McCain’s views.

Just remember, if Palin ends up as president, things get pretty scary on this front too.  Stem cell research out, creationism in, and so on.

2 thoughts on “Science and the US Election

  1. The link in the post takes you to Part 2 which contains (I thought) less interesting questions. Part 1 contains the questions they actually printed.

    Nice to see a prominent American official talking about intelligence and emergency response as the primary means to combating terrorism, as opposed to reactionary infringement of our civil liberties. Obama might even have some respect remaining for the Fourth Amendment. It probably won’t last long, but I guess it’s as good a starting point as one can hope for.

    I thought it was interesting that Obama wants to hire a science staff that is “ethical” and “non-partisan”.. I have a feeling we would be alarmed at those same words from McCain (and certainly from Palin or Bush!).

    Obama’s no-nonsense answer to the evolution question was refreshing. Nature suggests that circa-2005 McCain would have answered the same way, but McCain’s incredibly disappointing shift on POW torture over the years (along with the recent pick of Palin) make me think we haven’t heard the rest of that story.

  2. Thanks, Jay. I’ve fixed the link.
    I particularly like your comment about how the same words on hiring might be alarming from the right. And now worry that the right find them alarming from Obama.

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