What are you thinking about?: An Open Thread

What are you reading?  Are you presenting material at a conference?  Colloquium?  Overwhelmed by teaching?  Studying?  Getting some exercise?!?  Going crazy?

I just heard a completely nifty lecture about anorthopic vision; that’s when you see some object moving behind a split in a scene,  but you really want to say you see the whole thing.  Alva Noe calls this “presence in absence,” and the work just heard may well be destructive of his account.  So I’m discussing empirical work and philosophy’s vulnerability to it with my students.  On a very different topic, Appiah’s most recent books, Experiments in Ethics, discusses similar meta-issues.

And then there are the really big issues, such as the Western and/or World economy or, perhaps, that Palin could be ‘the leader of the free world.’  I wouldn’t always assume that the US election is of world interest, but recent visitors assure me that this possibility is horrifying lots and lots of people around the world.

What’s there’s the personal impact of all this?  Have you retired recently?  Are you hoping to have the first wave of baby boomer profs retire so jobs will open up?  What’s going to happen to funding for education as the crsis persists?  Are you a  student who depends on money your family has invested for you?  Or a  job that now may not last?

O, and trivial sign of a possible new irritant:  PALIN IMITATIONS!


The Daily Mail thinks this is an Amy Winehouse imitation. I don’t think so.

Let us know what’s going on with you!

11 thoughts on “What are you thinking about?: An Open Thread

  1. My student loan deferments expired this month, and I can’t get a consolidation on those loans due largely to market/economy issues. *sigh* well, it could be worse. it’s just been a frustrating week dealing with that.

  2. I’m finishing up critiques on my composition students’ proposal essays. Lots on health care, some on hunger, and obesity, and one on how the local farmers won’t help the suburbanites pave the roads in their new posh neighborhoods (built over the remnants of another family farm that’s bit the dust, no doubt). The author expressed hope that the rest of the farms in the vicinity would be gone soon, too.

    It pains me. But there were a few gems of hope and good writing to cling to.

  3. Jay, thanks for the link. I’m wondering how you were thinking of arguing. Was it that profiling offends against the standards of reason; a sort of Kantian approach? Or more that it subverts the aims one would have in using it?

    I guess I’d be surprised if the second were all that hard, but perhaps the facts one would need aren’t easily available.

  4. I’m reading Donna haraway…I know, old news to pros…and she is rocking my world, and provides some solid cocktail party argumentation as to how teaching creationism IS child abuse…she’s a great writer and speaks to my experience of being…also Elizabeth Grosz’s idea of becoming applied by her to the physical realm addresses some real problems i have had with an intellectual, mind based explanation of my experince in the world…i’ve only read some reviews of her books and an essay or two, but i think i’ll enjoy her when i get there.
    thanks for asking!

  5. I am dwelling in the basics and having so much fun: Beauvoir and her phenomenology of gender. The notion of ambiguity and how it might relate to a notion of fluid gender identity as a basis for values and… directing Women’s Studies at the same time and presenting on Nietzsche as phenomenologist on Thursday (can’t go too far away from the moustache!).

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  8. mrtruckster, I’ve had that problem. If you go to the control panel and start up “add/remove programs” you may be able to find the odd search engine and remove it permanently. You might be able to find its name by looking under “view” on internet explorer and then “toolbars.”

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