When the law’s an ass…

According to the vast fund of knowledge that is the internet, a fifteen-year old teenager in Ohio is being prosecuted under child pornography laws after sending nude photos of herself to other teens. If she is convicted, she will be officially classified as a sex offender, and will have to register as one for the next twenty years. Read more here.

5 thoughts on “When the law’s an ass…

  1. “[State Rep. Jay Hottinger, R-Newark] (writer of the applicable law) said the portions of the juvenile section of Ohio’s Megan’s Law, enacted in 2002 and replaced Jan. 1, were crafted to resemble their adult counterparts for good reason.

    “What we’re aiming at was a growing problem that we were seeing amongst juveniles and that was they were committing some very serious adult-like crimes,” he said.”

    Let me try to grasp this:

    The act of taking pictures of a nude 15-year old is a criminal act — a felony, in fact. Those who are themselves children, under the age of 18, and indeed even other 15-year olds who commit the same act should understand its significance, up to and including being charged for it as an adult. So, a 15-year-old girl could face a felony conviction — as an adult — for taking/possessing/distributing pictures of her own child body.

    Meaning, the basis for her being charged as an adult is that she’s not an adult.

  2. Dan Lowe, yep, I think you got it. As someone remarking on this article elsewhere said, by rights, she should also be able to claim compensation for being the victim of a child pornographer. Maybe not a huge consolation when she’s been classified as a sex offender.

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