I think the pigs are flying now

Mr Jender’s mother, a white life-long Republican retiree who adores McCain and lives in a key swing state, is strongly leaning Obama. As Mr J rightly points out, we thought this was impossible. If she can change her mind, who knows who else might… So go on, phone those friends and relatives with whom you always avoid talking politics, and give it a shot… Who knows what might happen?

6 thoughts on “I think the pigs are flying now

  1. The switch is so interesting. Since she’s such a fan of McCain’s, I’m wondering what make the difference. The economy? Palin?

  2. The economy. At first, she (like many Republicans) liked Palin. Recently, a New Yorker article (about Ohio voters) completely identified her attitude: while she’s been hit as hard as anyone else who has investments, she’s been worried that any change would affect her adversely. It’s come to a point that she’s realised that things just cannot remain the way they are.

    She’s also made it clear she admires & respects Obama, too, which is good–she’s not just running from something, but toward someone. Her last real concern is that her worry that he’d be assassinated. That’s been a worry of mine, too, right from the first time I cast my vote for him in the primaries; but worry about a potential calamity is not a good reason for making decisions. If we followed this line of reasoning, we’d never vote for anyone except rich old white men.

  3. I’m putting on my hard hat and goggles – and being careful about opening my mouth when looking up….I’m hoping for lots more flying pigs ..and maybe a cow or two….

  4. Mr Jender, If you’re going to worry about Obama “dying” in office, it is equally or perhaps more likely that McCain might die in office (due to age-related factors) and the result is more worrying……

  5. I agree with Mr. J – I’ve heard that McCain has a one-in-three chance of not surviving a four-year term. Although we certainly don’t want to put such a valuable citizen as Obama in harm’s way, I figure we have to let him assess the risk for himself and just weigh how we feel about the judgment reflected in his contingency plan. Personally, I’m fine with Biden.

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