Pay Disparities and Sex/Gender Transitions

A recent study has found that:

women who become men (known as FTMs) do significantly better than men who become women (MTFs). MTFs in the study earned, on average, 32% less after they transitioned from male to female, even after the authors controlled for factors like education levels. FTMs earned an average of 1.5% more.

The study’s authors and the Time Magazine article reporting this take this to show the extent of discrimination in the workplace– of the most traditional sort (paying someone less money for the same work just because of their sex/gender). It’s a very interesting study, but I’d also like to know what those with greater knowledge than mine about trans issues make of it.

(Thanks to the FEAST mailing list for this one!)

5 thoughts on “Pay Disparities and Sex/Gender Transitions

  1. That’s a great link, jj. Visitors there should be sure to read page 2, btw. I absolutely love the way he doesn’t even entertain some of the stereotypes we’re so used to: “It is just patently absurd to say women are more emotional than men.”, or “[The idea that male scientists are more competitive is] just utter nonsense. Men just make this stuff up.”

    Elsewhere he is more circumspect. When asked about biological differences, he says, “If they exist, it’s not clear they are innate, and if they are innate, it’s not clear they are relevant.” This reminds me of a popular piece by Robert Jensen that ends with the excellent advice, “After thousands of years of patriarchy in which men have defined themselves as superior to women in most aspects of life, leading to a claim that male dominance is natural and inevitable, we should be skeptical about claims about these allegedly inherent differences between men and women.”

  2. O good, Jay, and thanks. Glad you liked it. About the same time, the NY Times published an article about him and I think that’s where he says that other scientists tell him he’s much better than his sister – the sister is in fact, of course, his previous female self.

    Nothing like judging by merit alone!

  3. thanks!!!!!!! i have just sent my two young nieces this article. vital info when we are swamped with books saying men and women´s brains are different. which are reviewed in radio shows. this site is a plleasure!!!

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