The Supreme Court refuses to hear Troy Davis’s appeal

There are serious reasons for questioning the correctness of the guilty verdict Troy Davis received.  The Supreme Court’s decision means that the recanting witnesses cannot testify.  Amnesty International urges action.  There  are a few things  – easy to do in the age of the internet – that you can do that may make a big difference:

One thought on “The Supreme Court refuses to hear Troy Davis’s appeal

  1. I was in the court room when the witnesses testified against Davis. They were sure!
    The recantings are not believable, because it worked liked this:
    They gave their statements and then 2 YEARS later they testified in court validating their written statements. 2 years time passed and their testimony did NOT change. It was only several years later did they decide they might have reservations on what they said. C’mon……………….If you could pick a time that the witnesses should be believed, when would be? The time of the crime, 2 years later when they swore under oath they were telling the truth or many years later when they decide they may not be sure?
    Troy Davis has run through every single possible defense in an effort to get out of this:
    He has claimed, failure of due process, poopy attorney, failed to blame another earlier because “he didn’t want to be a snitch”, he has been railroaded re: a racial thing, he is innocent and all of those eye witnesses were wrong, now all of the witnesses are correct since they are recanting. The question reverts back to how innocent is a man pistol whipping an unarmed homeless guy for a can of beer at 1:00am?
    There WAS blood evidence, in 1989 there was no DNA testing available, when the prosecution (not the defense) insisted on testing the old blood, it was degraded and the sample was used up in the test. So no results were generated. The blood came from Troy Davis’s shorts that were found in his mother’s washing machine. How many folks do you know that wash clothes between 1:00am 6:00am? The earlier shooting that Davis committed (he was involved in 2 that night) resulted in the same ballistic match as the ammo at the Police Officer’s murder, while Troy was the common denominator at both locations. Go to the website for ALL of the facts. Ever wonder why the defense doesn’t offer facts on their website?
    These recanting witnesses have been interviewed by the Pardons and Parole Board and apparently found lacking in credibility.

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