Final Debate Open Thread

Readers who watched last night’s debate and want to weigh in on any of the feminism-related topics that were raised, use this thread. To get you started, here are a few topics:

1. The Lilly Ledbetter conversation and the candidate’s views on the Supreme Court Case
2. McCain’s claim that “pro-abortion” folks use “women’s health” to justify abortions too often
3. McCain is “proud of” Palin (see Feministing’s take)
4. Also via Feministing, those “evil T-shirts” McCain was complaining about may be these. Warning: blurry profanity.
5. Does “Joe the Plumber” used again and again as an icon alienate women voters?

If possible, try to paraphrase or quote the candidates and provide links to factual resources, so we don’t wind up tossing around empty claims (there’s been enough of that in the debates themselves). FYI, MSNBC has a good visual breakout of the debates with their tool here so you can go directly to each candidate’s responses and search by keyword.

2 thoughts on “Final Debate Open Thread

  1. i told my roommate that you’d for sure mention McCain’s ending of his description of Palin’s qualifications as possible president with “Her husband’s a pretty tough guy, by the way, too.”

    I have a feeling that there’s something off about it…

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