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Just how hard is it for women to get published? October 17, 2008

Filed under: women in philosophy — stoat @ 1:39 pm

Not as hard as it is to *believe* that she has had work published, apparently:

Female philosopher with gender ambiguous name gets published. In editorial, she is referred to as ‘he’.

Presumably the editors were made aware of their mistake, as in the current issue the editorial contains this helpful note:

Image of the first page of the fulltext

[Some people are having trouble with the image, the editorial from the current issue of Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. The key bit reads: “We have to rectify a mistake. In the editorial of this volume’s issue 3, we unjustly assumed that Jules Holroyd is a female. He is not. Our sincere apologies.]

Sigh. ‘he’ or ‘she’. if it isn’t ‘he’…

A cry out for gender neutral pronouns?


Hey ladies, wanna get involved in politics?

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Then why not enter a Palin lookalike contest and parade around in your underwear? Words fail me. You can read more here.



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