Prevent Election Theft

It’s sadly no surprise to learn that Republicans are trying to purge legitimate voters from the rolls in time for the November 4 election. But what can we do to fight this– to ensure that all legitimate voters are able to vote, and to get their votes counted? Several things (many, though not all, are directed at those who are US citizens/live in the US):

Vote early if you can, and urge friends and family to do so too. Find out about early voting options for your state here.
Distribute voter education materials: Download and print them here. Since many of our readers are academics, it’s worth mentioning that students are a group who frequently have trouble voting– distribute these at your university!
If you can afford it, contribute to People for the American Way’s election protection efforts here.
Write a letter to your local paper alerting people to possible problems in your state, and reminding citizens of their rights– including the right to a provisional ballot if for some reason their right to vote is questioned on polling day.

Voting rights are absolutely fundamental, and we’ve seen how is it is for these to be denied– and the effects of this. We need to do everything we can to help make sure that rights are protected in this election. (Thanks, Lydia, for the reminder!)