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From The Feminist Majority October 21, 2008

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via a reader, Dorothee:

 I thought you might be interested to know that Feminist Majority just launched http://www.FeministsForObama.org which has a great side-by-side comparison of McCain and Obama on issues such as reproductive rights, health, domestic violence, the Fair Pay Act and breast cancer research. They also just released three striking web videos: http://feministsforobama.org/Videos.htm


First Poll

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WordPress has just added polls to the blog’s possibilities.  But what should the first poll be on?  Hmmmm.

Blogs often use polls to find out about their membership.  But then the first poll would be overwhelmingly significant.  It would at least seem to be about what we think is most important about the readership.

Unless it was a bit silly.  As will be our first poll, if I can just figure out how to insert it.


Next time:  something significant!

Are there questions you’d like to ask our readership?  Suggestions for future polls are certainly welcome; please let us know.  (Of course, we can’t promise we’ll use them.)



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