7 thoughts on “The Sunday cat is filmed by Andy Warhol

  1. My cats are now cyborgs. I had microchips implanted in them and registered them with an international data base. They can now be scanned, like at the grocery store, and identified and hopefully returned if lost. I feel like writing Haraway a note.

  2. It’s Robert Indiana (or ‘Indianna’) and his cat.

    I was wrong about the title and date, so note the correction if you look it up.

  3. I am just fascinated by how that cat is so placid. I don’t know any cats who would just hang out there like that. Also I like it that he really loves that cat. :-)

  4. I agree, Calypso. She (or he) looks mermerized by the camera, which would suggest a capacity longer than any of my cats has had.

    The artist, Robert Indiana, was born in1928; googling can show some of his interesting art (he’s responsible for the very stylized LOVE) and his looks at different ages.

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