Where are you? A poll

How scattered are we?  Please help us find out.

Please do remember that this is just the second poll.  The list seems too long, but, even worse, items seemed to pop off somewhere.  I hope most places are represented, but do use  the “other” if you are not happy placing yourself on this list.

Also, no doubt the list conflates some political boundaries with geographical boundaries.  Apologies in advance, and do know it was wholly unintentional (even if blameworthy).



BTW, wordpress counts the number of visitors this site gets, so even though we don’t know who you are, if you don’t vote, one of us at least will know and might even feel sad!

5 thoughts on “Where are you? A poll

  1. Australia and New Zealand, Ireland and Great Britain are worth distinguishing, but not Canada and the US?

    -a Canadian*

    *I’m not actually offended, but being offended about this stuff is sort of a national pastime for us; I had to gripe, even seeing your disclaimer.

  2. Well, if the Canadians are going to start up: why can’t I vote for Scotland?!*

    * (Okay, I’m not actually in Scotland just now. But my spirit is!)

  3. Somehow I had thought that “North America” reminds us that the States is only part of the continent. So in a way it implies a recognition of Canada. Ditto for “Great Britain’ I thought. Australia and New Zealand are difficult, but if you separate out the Pacific Islands, then you can’t really use “Australasia,” can you? So there doesn’t seem to be a group term for just the two.

    I probably ought to have used the UN’s list of 159 (I think). :)

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