Protect the right to vote!

Cara at Feministe has a great post on things you can do to help make sure that people are able to vote in the US election (if you’re in the US– sigh!), many of them from Color of Change. Here are a few– do them if you can!

1. Put the number 1-866-OUR-VOTE into your cell phone, write it down, or whatever works for you. This is the hotline to call if you have, witness, or hear about voting problems. A quick reaction to such problems is vital, so be ready in case something happens!

2. Make sure that you and those you know check their ballots and voting machines carefully to be certain the proper vote has registered. (I probably don’t need to remind you why!)

3. Don’t wear political gear, however tempting it may seem: in some places you won’t be allowed to vote if you do.

4. Sign up with CREDO Action to join the Immediate Response Network for Election Day. What does that mean? From their email:

Here’s how the program works:

Here at CREDO headquarters, we hear about an election protection emergency in [Your] County — say college students are being forced to wait in line for hours to vote, or pollworkers are requiring voters to present photo ID even though your state’s laws allow non-photo ID, like utility bills.
We’re concerned about these reports, but we want to make sure they’re true. So we vet and verify them through the media and our sources on the ground.
We send you a text message — a quick summary of the problem and an easy way that you can take action and make a difference. “Students waiting for hours at City Hall — bring pizza!” Or maybe, “Pollworkers illegally requiring photo ID — call Board of Elections!”
We’ll give you all the information you need to ensure your time is well used — for example, if we ask you to call your Board of Elections, we’ll text you the number to call. If you need to hurry to a hotspot to protest voter intimidation, we’ll text you the address. Chances are that we may not text you at all, but if we do, it will be because you have a real opportunity to protect voters in your county and in your state.

If you don’t have or prefer not to use text-messaging, you can also sign up for email alerts. This is something you most likely won’t be required to do, but could make a huge difference if necessary. Please sign up if you can!

5 thoughts on “Protect the right to vote!

  1. Jender, thanks for all the important info!! I hope to get called out of at least one boring meeting. :)

  2. Yes, I’d like to sign for tex messaging related to voter suppression, intimidation. I even think that the allegations of Acorn fraud is a Republican ploy in an attempt to suppress votes. The McPalin has done everything possible to discredit Obama, I am already a doubter, and when Palin/McCain can make the most preposterous accusations that endenger Obama’s life, with racist inuendoes, then anything is possible in that narrow world. Please, let me know how to submit my concerns should I see any iregularities or disclaimers.

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