Let’s hope Kinsley’s right:

From  Michael Kinsley in the NY Times:**

We are surrounded by images of white men in suits. … Oil paintings of forgotten committee chairmen line the corridors of power in Washington. Cigar boxes still feature illustrations of the Dutch Masters.

Since [Palin was picked and the candidate list completed], there have been hundreds of images of Mr. McCain and Ms. Palin, Barack Obama and Joe Biden, Mr. Obama and Mr. McCain, Ms. Palin and Mr. Biden, or collected shots of all four of them. As of that moment, it became hard to imagine that these pictures would ever again be of four white men. Fine for a cigar box, maybe, but America has moved on.

Thanks for this healthy development go to John McCain, for choosing Sarah Palin, and to Barack Obama, for choosing himself. Also for being himself — a one-man ethnic stew. If America looks like anyone, it looks like him. Sarah Palin deserves, if not credit, then a bit of sympathy. She wants America to keep looking like a small town in western Pennsylvania around 1966. She was the last, victorious shot in a revolution she doesn’t support.

Today is too hopeful a day to be irritated by the fact that this comment is one of seven; six by men and one by a woman.  And guess which one writes about viagra!  Yes, she does.