Voting: Your stories

Today is the big day. In case you’re wondering how the rest of the world is feeling, I can say without hesitation that the UK is holding its breath. I’ve never seen this level of interest in other US elections. But tell us what’s going on where you are– if you’re in the US and voting today, tell us how it goes. Any incidents of note? Any interesting people you met? Anyone you were able to help? If you’re outside the US, tell us how it looks from where you are. But most importantly, make sure that everyone you know who is eligible (including yourself!) VOTES.

If you want to do a little extra, don’t neglect this post on more things you can do.

When this is all over, maybe I’ll be able to get a good night’s sleep again. Maybe we all will.

3 thoughts on “Voting: Your stories

  1. Aside from writing about the scary possibilities above (Jender’s word and I agree), I haven’t stirred yet.

  2. International interest is right, here in New Zealand we have our own election this saturday, but yesterday, if you’d asked anyone in my school their political opinion the only response you’d be likely to get was ‘OBAMARAMA!!!’

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