14 thoughts on “This is what a legitimate president looks like.

  1. I love that my younger son (age 8) is both old enough to be aware that this is happening, and young enough that he should get to spend many formative years with this valuable contribution to his mental image of the presidency.

  2. …and everyone ignores the passing of proposition 8 in california. at least some ‘victory’ for the caveman and cavewomen

  3. ctrlltdelete: I had casually looked for the results for 8, and you are certainly right that it is ignored. I’m sick at the news, but thank you for conveying it.

  4. If he is legitimate please post his residency proof. Sealing it only makes him look like he is hiding something, like his nationality and his loyalty. He still has not shown his certified ‘Birth Certificate’ or his Oath of Citizenship from his prior adoption by a foregin national.

  5. I am heartsick about prop 8 and about amendment 2 here in Florida, even more ignored by the press and even more horrifically worded, with even more local support … But overall I just have to say YIPEEE AND THANK THE F*CKING FLYING SPAGHETTI MONSTER! XOXOXOXO OBAMA!

  6. I like to think of the right-wing trolls as a sign of our success. You wouldn’t believe how many of their contributions I’ve had to delete in the last few months, and in a way it pleases me. I won’t delete Robin’s above comment though because it isn’t abusive.

  7. if obama weren’t really born on US soil, it would only go to show that the requirement that presidents be born on US soil is a silly one. LONG LIVE OBAMA!

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