Podcasts to recommend?

Driving can be very boring.  Talk radio can be very horrifying in a red state.  Podcasts are a possible resource.  I’ll start off listing some of my favorites, but I hope others will contribute theirs. 

By the way, there’s a dearth of good feminist/feminist-philosophy podcasts and perhaps feministphilosophers should try to create a series.  Any thoughts on this?

All the podcasts in my list are going to be available through itunes, though I just saw an Intro to Psychology course given by Paul Bloom at Yale is available through yale.  He works on terrific topics and with stellar women.

My list:

Philosophy Bites:  short conversations with ‘top’ philosophers.  About 20% women, largely UK.

This American Life – the podcast for Sept 8, 2008, gives a very vivid picture of the psychological effects of fighting in Iraq.

Phil 185 fall 2007 – Bert Dreyfus on Heidegger (I must know more about him; yes I will!).

Neuropod and the Brain Science podcast – I listen to some of these.

Democracy Now/Bill Moyers journal/NPR Fresh Air – I try to catch the first two as broadcasts; the last I look in on occasionally, when I have time.  I don’t drive all that much!

So how about you?  There must be tons of others to be recommended.  And what do you think of a feminist philosophy series?  It might be possible to do fairly inexpensively by setting up some of the interviews at meetings.