Podcasts to recommend?

Driving can be very boring.  Talk radio can be very horrifying in a red state.  Podcasts are a possible resource.  I’ll start off listing some of my favorites, but I hope others will contribute theirs. 

By the way, there’s a dearth of good feminist/feminist-philosophy podcasts and perhaps feministphilosophers should try to create a series.  Any thoughts on this?

All the podcasts in my list are going to be available through itunes, though I just saw an Intro to Psychology course given by Paul Bloom at Yale is available through yale.  He works on terrific topics and with stellar women.

My list:

Philosophy Bites:  short conversations with ‘top’ philosophers.  About 20% women, largely UK.

This American Life – the podcast for Sept 8, 2008, gives a very vivid picture of the psychological effects of fighting in Iraq.

Phil 185 fall 2007 – Bert Dreyfus on Heidegger (I must know more about him; yes I will!).

Neuropod and the Brain Science podcast – I listen to some of these.

Democracy Now/Bill Moyers journal/NPR Fresh Air – I try to catch the first two as broadcasts; the last I look in on occasionally, when I have time.  I don’t drive all that much!

So how about you?  There must be tons of others to be recommended.  And what do you think of a feminist philosophy series?  It might be possible to do fairly inexpensively by setting up some of the interviews at meetings.

16 thoughts on “Podcasts to recommend?

  1. Bloggingheads.tv has Will Wilkinson interview philosophers every week or so, but I mostly disagree with the people he has on. He should really interview a feminist sometime. His partner (wife?) Kerry Howley did an interview with Sally Haslanger lasy week, and that was good, although I’m not sure why he didn’t do the interview himself…

  2. i don’t speak html (yet; i have a lot of languages to learn!), but i must recommend the ‘this american life’ on the financial crisis; it is the best reporting on the issue available. well, perhaps aside from bill moyers’ conversation with george soros…

    i also recommend ‘eats, shoots, and leaves’; it is pure pleasure for grammar geeks (surely y’all are already aware of it) and makes the hours in a car fly by.

    thanks also for all of the philosophy podcast info…

  3. Just remembered-Philosophy Talk did an interview with Martha Nussbaum about her book “Upheavals of Thought” which might be interesting for feminist philosophers


    Also, Radiolab, while not being explicitly femininst, is an awfully interesting and well done radioshow. They did a program on morality which went over the trolly problem very well. You can find them at,


  4. If you want to venture out into economics to learn more about the current crisis, check out Planet Money. They have an amazing knack of explaining this mess! I feel like I can talk about credit default swaps now and actually know what I am talking about…

  5. So I’m late to the party here, but this is worth a look if speculative fiction is of interest to you. There’s a strong feminist element to the podcast, it’s Australian and is somewhat locally referential, but you may find it interesting because they talk about the invisibility of women quite a lot and explore that with respect to the US vs Australian market of books and stories etc.

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