The change we need…

…in the UK too (hopefully). The Observer reports here:

‘Minister for Equalities Harriet Harman vowed the government would press ahead with its plans to scrap the ancient defence of provocation, controversially used by husbands who kill their wives to claim they were provoked by their partner’s infidelity or nagging, despite the misgivings expressed by the Senior Law Lord last week. Ministers argue the change is necessary to send a message that domestic violence is not tolerated within the law and wives are not chattels to be controlled by their spouses.’

 She also argues (against Peter Mandleson) that the economic downturn should not alter plans for more flexible work rights.


‘The reforms are among a number of proposals to reduce violence against women likely to be highlighted in the run-up to next month’s Queen’s Speech. ‘

Positive news!

4 thoughts on “The change we need…

  1. stoat, I’m trying to think of a way to say “O, but that’s Australia” without insulting 10 million or so people.

  2. HI jj. Ha!
    Yup, it was too quick a google search. This comment from Cath Elliot has some references and links to cases from the UK:

    Here’s another link from the UK that mentions nagging as a motive( but it’s not clear that that was claimed as an ‘excuse’, rather than this being a spin the report puts on it. Though it would be weird to do that unprompted…)

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