Blacks VS Gays?

Noooo!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t even make sense. (For a helpful analogy, see here.) But there’s a real risk that this narrative will start to take hold in light of the large quantity of black voters who voted against gay marriage. Worse yet, there seems to be some nasty racism “rearing its head” (as Sarah Palin would say) in the gay community. The always excellent Pam Spaulding has some great posts on this, here and here. There’s also this excellent post on all the other groups who voted against Proposition 8, and who aren’t being singled out for blame the way that black voters are.

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  1. I agree that the Black vs. Gay communities issue is one of historic proportion. It seems as though the Black community has internalized the oppressive belief system which claims that homosexuality is a sin (aka Christianity). As a Black woman and ally of the LGBTQ community, it is very disheartening to see the horizontal hostility between the two groups. I can only hope that education will prevail in this situation, because it is only through education and awareness that these barriers will ever be broken down.

  2. (Oops, I see that the “Worse yet” link was actually written by Pam Spaulding. Please pardon my confusion!)

  3. I have on several occassions been in the presence of black political people claiming that concern for gay rights is a white liberal issue, (what we’d call ethnocentric i guess, like its western to believe women are equal) anyway, white racists might not be the only ones to consider gay rights and black culture as at odds with eachother.

  4. Walking through the Castro in San Francisco can be rather interesting (aside from the Hot Cookies that is). San Francisco is a very diverse city but the Castro seems to be dominated by white middle-aged guys. I don’t think the Black community is the only community that needs to do some soul-searching on this issue. Richard Kim has an interesting comment along similar lines in the Nation.

    I did some number crunching last night (after reading some racist comments in the discussion forum at JoinTheImpact – they were deleted by the moderators, fortunately): If only 6% of the White voters who voted for Prop 8 had voted against it, Prop 8 would’ve been stopped. It would have take 27% of the African-American Yes voters to effect the same swing… Granted, there are more White voters but it seems to me that it should be easier to sway a smaller percentage of a larger group.

    Oh! And one thing I heard on the radio today that I thought was really great: Several groups representing ethnic minorities, including the NAACP, have filed something with the court in CA because they are worried if the court lets Prop 8 stand, it will set a precedent for discrimination being added back to the laws. It seems to me that Prop 8 doesn’t have a leg to stand on… Well, at least for long.

  5. First Id like to say lets kill this black vs gay nonsense please. Second I support the constitution of the definition of true marrige between a man and a woman. We need to stop this pressuring of hey eveybody lets get on board with the homosexual and lesbian agenda. Most african americans that voted against their agenda were Christian. As Christians they have just as much as an american right to vote any way they choose. Through out history Blacks have been murdered and persecuted for even attemting to vote because of the color of their skin. Another thing lets kill this notion that Blacks and Gays are cut from the same cloth and fighting the same battle. THATS A DAMNEDABLE LIE. Blacks didnt choose their color of skin GOD did. Gays chose their life style, just like someone chooses to foundle and molest children or take drugs. It is offensive to think that the gay and lesbian community can compare their fight to the struggle of african american history. Some gay folk don’t believe in GOD nor his moral principle about condenming the lifestyle of homosexuality and the spiritual effects it has on men and woman. I hear hey don’t place your religious views on us or our lifestyle , well then don’t try force us to buy into your agenda and cause which is morally and spirtually wrong. Another thing lets stop this lie about christians hating gays. According to the word of GOD you cannot the love of GOD in your heart if you do not love your fellow bretheren right or wrong. Just because the Church has taken a stance on homosexuality and declaring that its wrong doesnt mean Christians hate gays. God loves the homosexual but he hates the lifestyle just as God loved the world he sent his only begotten son JESUS to die for but he hates the sin the world is inflicted with. SIN is a choice of lifestyle not the way life is suppose to be…..

  6. @d most:

    If being gay were a choice, then despite your beliefs that it’s wrong, you could go out and find a gay person who thought you were cute, decide to make out with them, decide to sleep with them, and decide that it felt good to have their body pressed against yours. Right?

  7. I’m sorry I didn’t see d most’s comment until yours, Brian. If I had I would have deleted it as violating our policies against being abusive.

  8. I agree .Homosexuals are not as visable as black or brown skin people and were no where nearly abused ,as a matter of fact some of the abusers of brown and black skinned folk were white homosexuals.The point is homosexuals don’t have to have sex since homosexuality does not produce children but instead produce deseases. So they are trying to get everyone to agree with there version of man and woman and we simply don’t. As far as marriage goes ,why don’t the gays worship zeus or some other god to be married ? why in a democratic society worship a god that sends you to hell for being gay? Does that pove that gays are insane?

  9. Oddly enough would have to agree with Warden55 on this one. There’s been a ton of double-standardness going on where one minute the Republicans side with Spanish voters by giving them promises after promises, after promises; Flash forward 9 years later when the Florida 2000 election scandal became nothing more than a memory. …Well, now Arizona dislikes the spanish minorities, meanwhile over in California there’s been an increase in violence or ethnic tensions between blacks v.s. Mexicans and drug warfare, sadly none of the ones who lives over the bridge in San Fran have to worry about it simply because well…why not? or Why should they… Anti-muslim movements have become stronger and slyer or “sly fox news” influencing the massess to encourage creating what some MUST BE LEAD TO BELIEVE is ANTI-TERRORIST getting their just desserts by creating “draw muhammed” day. Oh well because this is America where, every single other deity on the planet has been made fun off including Jesus, what does it matter its Muhammed or not?

    Oh really nigga?

    1940’s-50’s Pearl Harbor; Japanese Americans being viewed as the enemies being forced into Arbue Grabe like prisons, some given imprisonment for suspicions of being Spy’s sent by the enemy to infiltrate and disrupt the Momma, Poppa all around good old American Apple Pie family to be destroyed. Oh, please!

    The best thing the gays are doing is becoming tools’ in being used to target a black man, worst whose STILL not considered fit to be COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. Fucking Tea Party movements’, even as going so far as insulting the mans wife! —> so much so, that it was extremely difficult to focus on the more important issues effecting America on a more international level, social and economically speaking that isn’t to say yours or views in favor of Gay Marriage, hell far from it… However, don’t think people don’t read in-between the lines. …This is no longer about Gay Issues anymore once elitist oligarchs chose to dictate what should gain more coverages than any others.

  10. My question is ,if Gays do not like a churches position on homosexuality then why go to that church? I don’t like the church of White supremacy so I don’t attend there rites. The church of White Supremacist and it’s members have the right to vote and they do,they have the right to assemble and they assemble.only the Gays demand in a demeaning way their rights over others. Because I did not vote pro gay I’m a racial slur or phobic. All we hear about is how Gays can’t change but everyone else can and should. Well, I believe if Gays can’t change ,then no one else can change and for the exact same reasons Gays can’t change ,in that belief we are all equal. And I wonder how come the liberal white media did not report the white supremacist vote?

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