Is creationism contagious?

Could it be carried across the Atlantic Ocean by migrating birds?  Or US passengers getting off planes in the UK?  Or is it a virulent meme (if there are such), which is invading British brains?

The Guardian reports:

Twenty-nine per cent of teachers believe that creationism and intelligent design should be taught as science, according to an online survey of attitudes to teaching evolution in the UK. Nearly 50% of the respondents said they believed that excluding alternatives to evolution was counter-productive and would alienate pupils from science.

If you look at all the related articles, which should be on the first page of this link, the news is a bit more cheering.  We can raise questions about the polls, for example.  But the news as a whole doesn’t look good. 

Hey, say it ain’t so, British posters/readers!

And many thanks to the Florida Philosophy Student Blog for the heads up.

5 thoughts on “Is creationism contagious?

  1. The title of the Guardian article is rather misleading, and a misuse of statistics. If you read the article, you’ll find that 10,600 teachers were asked for their comments and 1,120 responded. As it is argued, that this group may be self-selective, I don’t think it is possible to tell the real percentage.

    I hope this reassures some.

  2. Thanks for bringing that out, M. If you looked at the link I gave, the criticism you mention is raised there. That’s what I had in mind with the qualification I made about raising questions about the polls.

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