Merit Pay? And another job market worry

His excellence/her luck=he’s rewarded.  It holds for CEOs, and it seems obvious that if there’s a general tendency here in differential explanations, it will show up in lots of competitive situations, including the job market.  And such tendencies tend to be general.

A recent Business Week article explores the reasons for the continuing pay gap among men and women CEOs.  One reasons may be the continuing tendency for people to attribute good results to something internal to him, but external to her.

An earlier article describes a study examining the differential evaluation of men and women.

Indeed, when the worst-performing companies began doing very well, men’s bonuses rose 263% on average, vs. 4% for women. In slumps, the women were punished a bit less, another sign of the “indifference to the women’s performance,” says study co-author Clara Kulich