4 reasons to make hillary clinton secretary of state

From a great Op-Ed piece by Gail Collins:

1. She would not let the vice president run our foreign policy. Joe Biden is no Dick Cheney, but we just do not want to go there again. We have scars.

2. Obama could live out his fantasy of following the Abraham Lincoln model and filling his cabinet with a team of rivals without having to make Sarah Palin secretary of commerce.

3. Clinton already has a supply of pantsuits sufficient to get her through six months of peace negotiations in the Middle East without coming home for a change of clothes.

4. She might do a terrific job.

The Sunday Cat does Pilates

Well, actually something maybe a bit like a warm-up or cool down for pilates, rolling her muscles over a hard curved surface.  Just the sort of thing my pilates instructor, Dale, likes!

and, for seconds, the eyes have it:

If you don’t know about pilates, you might want to look at this, which shows some exercises for legs on the reformer, a very important piece of equpment in classical pilates.  Pilates involves both strengthening and stretching.

Many thanks to Kathy Ward for the video and to Dale, Pete and Diana for the inspiration.

Women’s Studies lectures on the Web

According to the fall issue of Ms, there arem’t any.  There are wonderful university courses at itunes U, the article, “YouProf,” points out, but there aren’t any in women’s studies and even very few are by women.  A couple of hours searching has led me to the same conclusion, but if you know of something that shows this wrong, please let us know.

Just in terms of the presence of women on the web, Berkeley seems to me an exception; see here and here.  You do have to search around a bit.  If you know of any others, again please let us know.

The issue of lectures, and particularly course lectures in women’s studies, is different from that of feminist podcasts (which we looked at here and here; see also here), but the same problem is discernible:  women and feminism are not represented well at all.