Hillary Clinton will accept, the Guardian says: Caveat added

Congrats to the Guardian for getting the story before at least CNN and the NY Times.  And congratulations to Obama for picking a strong woman with a lot of experience and a deep commitment to human rights.  Obama is apparently following the Lincoln policy of putting former rivals in the cabinet in order to build a broad-based coalition.  And, given the amount of work she did for him, “former” is the right word.

If the Guardian is  wrong, I may cry.

Caveat:  After some searching among news sources, I have to say that on this side of the pond whether Obama is going to make the offer seems still to be in question.  At the same time, some commentators were clear that there would be a gap between what’s the official activity (vetting Bill, for example) and what’s really happened.  So the Guardian report seems premature.  Or not.

5 thoughts on “Hillary Clinton will accept, the Guardian says: Caveat added

  1. I’m beginning to think that the Guardian may have jumped the gun (though obviously there’s still a great chance that Hillary will get it anyway).

  2. The Guardian story is basically consistent with the piece the NYTimes has been running on its front page. Both say that an evaluation of Bill Clinton will precede the extension of a formal offer to Hillary, it’s just that the Guardian says also that “Democrats do not believe that the vetting is likely to be a problem.” It may be that this is essentially their basis for concluding that Hillary will be Secretary of State. Otherwise I don’t see any information in the Guardian article which is not acknowledged elsewhere. (And I can see why other sources would be reluctant to make this same move.)

  3. I’m getting the very strong impression the job has been offered. But I can very will see her not wanting it– the Senate’s a great place to be, she’s apparently been amassing quite a power-base there, and in her seat it’s a job for life.

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