CFP: Hypatia Special Issue


Announcing a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Conference and Special Issue:
Feminist Legacies / Feminist Futures

Hypatia has been published as an independent journal of feminist philosophy since 1986; Volume 25 will appear in 2010. To mark this significant anniversary—to celebrate the accomplishments of Hypatia, its founders, editors, and contributors, and to consider where feminist philosophy is headed in the next twenty-five years—the current editors will host a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Conference at the University of Washington in the Fall of 2009 (October 22-24), and the final issue of Volume 25 (Fall 2010) will be designated a Special Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Issue.

Submissions are welcome, for both the conference and the Special Issue, on any topic in feminist philosophy addressed by contributors to Hypatia in its publication history. We encourage a forward-looking focus that draws on retrospective assessment to envision future directions: what issues are emerging, what lines of inquiry are taking shape, what questions need attention, given the trajectory of feminist philosophy evident in the articles, reviews, symposia and special issues published by Hypatia since the mid-1980s? You might, for example:
– identify a paper or debate published by Hypatia that especially influenced you (positively or negatively) and assess the implications of its insights, its lacunae, its implications for future directions in feminist philosophy;
– if you are a Hypatia author, return to a paper you published in the journal and assess how thinking in this area has changed, what new directions are taking shape;
– consider how, and why, some topics that were prominent in early issues of Hypatia have continued to set the agenda for feminist philosophy while others have been reframed or set aside: how has work on these topics evolved and where it can be expected to go in the future?

25th Anniversary Conference: October 22-24, 2009
Simpson Center for the Humanities, University of Washington
Deadline for conference abstracts: June 1, 2009
Please submit a 1-2 page (250-500 word) abstract for your proposed paper to the Hypatia editorial office, clearly identified as a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Conference submission.

25th Anniversary Special Issue: to appear as the final issue of Volume 25 (Fall 2010)
Deadline for special issue submissions: November 16, 2009
Please submit a manuscript clearly identified as a Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Special Issue submission to the Hypatia editorial office; see the Hypatia website for detailed submission guidelines. Special Issue submissions need not originate in the conference.

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