Sex With Trafficked Prostitutes=Rape

New UK law proposals today:

New prostitution laws to be set out today will mean a plea of ignorance is no defence for men facing prosecution for buying sex from a woman who has been trafficked or is being exploited by a pimp.

Under proposals to be published today by the home secretary, Jacqui Smith, a man who pays for sex with a woman who has been trafficked or is under the control of a pimp could face a charge of rape, which carries a potential life sentence.

A couple of quick thoughts: (1) It’s interesting that ignorance is no defense, since I’m not sure that’s the case with standard UK rape law. (Anyone out there know? I haven’t got time to check.) (2) One wonders how much effect this will have, given rape conviction rates in the UK (5.7%, last I checked).
Thanks, Edna!

4 thoughts on “Sex With Trafficked Prostitutes=Rape

  1. Check out”happy endings” a doc film on Asian massage parlors in Rhode IslandI where prostitution is legal. When Rhode Island politicans worked to change the prostitution law, they did implement a human trafficking law. Check the blog and youtube channel and leave comments. Sign up on the website to get updates on the release.

  2. 3) One might also ask why the government has decided to individualize sexual slavery instead of addressing the systematic exploitation of sex workers. If the lawmakers really believe johns might be ignorant about the conditions of any particular prostitute, then the law aims at criminalizing individuals unable to alter the circumstances that make rape possible, insofar as it’s defined by the law. Could this be an attempt to discourage “immoral” sexual exchange without tackling the larger, intersecting issues of rape and human trafficking?

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