The uniformity of sexism?

Of course, the sexism experienced by a  US Ambassador to the UN will be very different from that experienced by factory workers in China or artisans in Mexico.  And there is plenty of treatment too awful to be labeled simply sexism.  Still, it is interesting to ask whether a philosophy professor and the US Ambassador to the UN could have very similar experiences.  Do her descriptions of how she was treated at the UN sound familiar to you? 

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT on women in politics.

(I should add that I got to the “explained patiently” part and thought, “I’ve got to hear what others think about this,” so I haven’t listened all the way through yet.)

Nepal Supreme Court approves same sex marriage

From the Hindustan Times:

“The court has instructed the government against making any discrimination on the basis of sex. This is a landmark decision for the sexual minorities and we welcome it,” Sunil Babu Panta, a leading gay activist in South Asia and Nepal’s only lawmaker in the Constituent Assembly representing the community, said.

Great news! And thanks to Vishal for passing it on.