Nepal Supreme Court approves same sex marriage

From the Hindustan Times:

“The court has instructed the government against making any discrimination on the basis of sex. This is a landmark decision for the sexual minorities and we welcome it,” Sunil Babu Panta, a leading gay activist in South Asia and Nepal’s only lawmaker in the Constituent Assembly representing the community, said.

Great news! And thanks to Vishal for passing it on.

9 thoughts on “Nepal Supreme Court approves same sex marriage

  1. I’m sure there are some good puns on “developed” and “developing” (as in, “leader of the developed world”) about this, but I can’t think of any. In any case, the US is once against bested.

  2. Jender,

    You are welcome!

    I would also like to quickly point out to your readers that in India (Nepal’s big southern neighbor) too the gay rights movement is already quite big and that the Indian gay rights activists now are very energized for they can draw inspiration from the “verdict” passed by the Nepal SC. On a somewhat related note, here is an informative (albeit non-scholarly) article, titled ‘Homosexuality and Hinduism’ (Hinduism being the dominant religion in both India and Nepal) that people may find interesting. It should be noted that the current laws punishing homosexuality in India were passed during the British colonial rule (which lasted for around 190 years) under the influence of Victorian attitudes prevalent during the 19th century. There is a real possibility that the Indian SC may sometime in the near future declare those antiquated laws discriminatory (thanks to gay rights activism) and repeal them.

  3. On a humorous note, in one of his audio lectures, the well-known American Buddhist teacher and instructor, Gil Fronsdal, when asked about Buddhism’s views on homosexuality remarked, “Asking Buddhists for their opinion on homosexuality is like asking their opinion on the breath!”

  4. Whattttt? …..if its the truth then god will only save the Nepals population. Its going to be stagnent for few decads and the nepalese will wither away from the world …. the same sex cannot have a child and if every nepali does the same sex marriage. then this married couple of same sex will now or later die of old age and it will bring end of nepal……. where the wisdom has gone of janatnatra nepal and the judicary at large……SOS nepal

  5. ra ra chaw chaw –

    I imagine the law does not prohibit married hetero couples from having children. Unless a sizable percentage of the Nepalese population got married (to a partner of the other sex) and had children because they could not get married to a partner of the same sex, I don’t see how it could have any significant impact on the Nepalese population.

  6. I kind of love the thought that gay sex is so irresistibly good that if gay marriage was legalised nobody would have heterosexual sex anymore!

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