The uniformity of sexism?

Of course, the sexism experienced by a  US Ambassador to the UN will be very different from that experienced by factory workers in China or artisans in Mexico.  And there is plenty of treatment too awful to be labeled simply sexism.  Still, it is interesting to ask whether a philosophy professor and the US Ambassador to the UN could have very similar experiences.  Do her descriptions of how she was treated at the UN sound familiar to you? 

MADELEINE ALBRIGHT on women in politics.

(I should add that I got to the “explained patiently” part and thought, “I’ve got to hear what others think about this,” so I haven’t listened all the way through yet.)

4 thoughts on “The uniformity of sexism?

  1. I’m assuming everyone knows she went onto become the US’s first female Secretary of State, but perhaps not…

  2. If you haven’t got long, listen to the last minute: she says [of sexism, and of having to prove over and over that you can do the job you’ve been appointed to] that what drives her crazy is the younger women who think it’s easy. “It is not easy, and it slides backwards so easily… We need to remember that we still need to support each other because the fight is far from over.” Hear, hear.

  3. Thanks, Heg, for drawing our attention to that bit.

    I have been publicly dressed down at my university’s chancellor’s residence for complaining about sexism – and by younger women; some of them will probably never get what’s going on. They probably also think there isn’t any racism.

    I wonder if they saw what was going on with Palin; given this red state, I expect they just thought Hillary got what she asked for.

  4. jj,

    i’m a younger woman. most of the younger white women i know are slow to acknowledge sexism but not at all slow in acknowleding racism. they are thinking that they can be good and get what they want. (being good in my area means being liberal, very concerned with unjustice but not being so presumptuous as to believe that white women’s problems are real problems)
    a lot of younger women lack guts but i wouldn’t say that means there is a lack of awareness. they need to believe its easy and they don’t want to be seen as a bitch.

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