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Maybe it’s a bit late now… November 27, 2008

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…but NEXT year, you can make a peanut butter fudge turkey for Thanksgiving. (Or a sesame noodle turkey. Or a matzoh ball turkey.) Go on. You know you want to.


When “disabled” seems paradoxical

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With thanks to What Sorts of People, something beautiful on Thanksgiving Day.


Wild Turkey Waltz

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Turkey courtship, which apparently can go on for days, is quite spectacular.  The best video I could find can’t be embedded, but you can see it here.  It is so Henry VIII


In case you are interested, you can see turkey courting brought to consummation here.  One remarkable feature is the way the hen signals acceptance.  But be warned:  these birds are  not in a hurry.


Be Thankful

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Be thankful for movement this year in the US away from 1963:

Lyrics here.



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