One thought on “Be Thankful

  1. As a therapist in practice for many years, it is interesting for me to see that though many Americans have obviously changed and turned away from the ignorance, hate and racism that murdered these innocent girls, that the election of Barach Obama has in some respects drawn the line in the sand. There are people who do not learn. They just become more rigid and their hate and ignorance becomes more set in stone. They are still here with us. I had a man in my office this week and was struck by how he used the “n” word and then when he noticed I was not pleased, he said “mind you I only use it with whites”, as if that made it ok. Maybe this is some sign of improvement that at least he knew to try to minimize his culpability. America may be changing but in many ways, there is still a civil war raging among us and it does retard our growth as individuals and as a country.

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