End Bush’s Global Gag Rule

From the National Partnership for Women and Families:

The Bush Administration’s global gag rule denies U.S. family planning funds to foreign NGOs (non-governmental organizations) that use their own private, non-U.S. dollars to counsel women, make referrals for abortion, or perform abortions. The gag policy even denies U.S. funds to NGOs that express support for laws to make abortion safe and legal.

As a result, medical professionals in some of the world’s poorest nations risk losing their ability to provide life-saving, legal, and medically acceptable services — or even basic health information.

Here’s the petition’s site.

“Girly Dogs”!?!

Thanks to The Huffington Post for this excerpt from the Barbara Walters interview with the Obama’s.   Baraba has said she has a Havanese named ‘Cha Cha’.

Obama: “Cha Cha?”

Barbara: “It’s short for Cha Cha Cha.”

O: “What is a Havanese?”

B: “It’s like a little terrier and they’re non-allergenic and they’re the sweetest dogs..”

O: [Face suddenly changes.] “It’s like a little yappy dog?”

Michelle: “Don’t criticize.”

O: “It, like, sits in your lap and things?”

M: “It’s a cute dog.”

O: “It sounds kinda like a girly dog.”

M: “We’re girls. We have a houseful of girls.”

O [with hand gestures]: “We’re going to have a big rambunctious dog, of some sort.”

Here’s the ‘girly’ Havanese:

And my best favorite macho dog, Barney, satiated after his destruction of prized, antique teddy bears, as described here:


Perhaps Obama’s really concerned to avoid this image: