50% female

This is what it looks like (a list of Obama’s national security team, not exactly a “girlie” kind of work):

Hillary Clinton, U.S. Senator from New York and former First Lady, will serve as Secretary of State.

Secretary Robert Gates, the current Secretary of Defense, will continue to serve in that role.

Eric Holder, former Deputy Attorney General and a former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia, will serve as Attorney General.

Janet Napolitano, Governor and former U.S. Attorney for Arizona, will serve as Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security.

Dr. Susan E. Rice, a Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to the Obama for America campaign, a Senior Fellow at the Brookings Institution, and former U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, will serve as Ambassador to the United Nations.

General Jim Jones, USMC (Ret), former Allied Commander, Europe, and Commander of the United States European Command, will serve as National Security Advisor.

Looks pretty damned good, I’d say.

8 thoughts on “50% female

  1. Senator Clinton voted for the criminal war of aggression against Iraq, with horrific consequences for the people of Iraq–hundreds of thousands dead, many more maimed, millions turned into refugees. Is her gender really enough for you to overlook her complicitly in this world-historic criminality?

  2. Not at all. It’s part of the reason I supported Obama in the primary. But I’m realist enough to accept that we’re going to have people who voted for the Iraq war in his government, and at least she is otherwise extremely smart and capable. I don’t support her on the basis of her gender, but I do step back and look at that list and think the gender breakdown is a nice thing.

  3. Wait a sec. Why do you have Eric Holder on the list? How’s he “national security”? If you leave him out, the list is 60% female!

  4. It’s from a list the Obama administration sent out of their “national security team”. And there’s a good case to be made for AG being a part of that since they get to make a lot of relevant decisions about e.g. torture.

  5. Thanks for your reply. I consider it a betrayal–the first of many now–for Senator Obama to have appointed so many individuals who are complicit in criminality to his Administratiion. This is not “change” I can believe in.

  6. 50% is really interesting. It’s at about 33% that women stopped seeming anomalies. This may be an interesting experience in top down change.

  7. I’m inclined to agree with Brian (though I wouldn’t couch it as betrayal, because I haven’t been inclined to think of Obama as much of a “change” candidate for a while now). While it’s awesome that 3 of the 6 positions listed are women, it’s worrisome that so many of them represent the last 28 years of neoliberalism and hawkishness.

  8. I agree with Michael and Brian…I don’t agree with anyone who justifies this war, although I do think it’s great that there will be so many women in office. A professor of mine often says that any woman/mother who supports a war which kills the sons and daughters of other mothers is no one to be respected as a feminist or forward-thinking individual….I think it’s an interesting take on Hillary and her stance on the war.

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