Chief Speechwriter can leave us speechless

From the Independent:

The trouble arose yesterday afternoon when some photos briefly appeared on the social networking site Facebook, showing Jon Favreau, the president-elect’s boy-wonder chief speech writer, dancing at a party with a lifesize cut-out of the soon-to-be chief diplomat of the US.

In another picture, the 27-year-old Favreau (credited with inventing the ‘Yes We Can’ slogan that became Mr Obama’s rhetorical trademark) is seen placing his hand on Ms Clinton’s cardboard chest, while a friend is pressing a beer to the lips of the former first lady and outgoing New York Senator.

What frat party was that??

11 thoughts on “Chief Speechwriter can leave us speechless

  1. It certainly suggests sexual possession can have much more to do with power than sexual passion.

    “Suggests” because of course a 27 year old man might in fact genuinely fancy a powerful, complex and famous olderwoman. But maybe we shouldn’t go there.

  2. It’s certainly amusing, but I have a hard time believing that anyone at all familiar with Facebook (or, for that matter, parties) could think to read anything significant into this.

  3. Corbett, I expect many people have woken up from an over indulgent party hoping that no one will think they really shared their true estimate of their colleagues’ ability. Ditto pawing a picture of a political opponent.

    In vino veritas? Maybe, surely.

  4. Or, I should maybe say, the very idea that the incident really had no significance seems to me too likely to reflect either the frat boy mentality or an indulence of it – e.g., “boys will be boys.”

    I have to tell you that if I discovered my students did that to an poster of me at a party, I’d be pretty creeped out.

  5. i’m well familiar with both facebook and parties. this man is a creep. and if i was clinton, i would feel VERY creeped out (and humiliated) about having to start a new job with this arsehole wandering round the office.

    feels like three steps forward and two steps back all the time with our fearless leader post-election. it’s getting me down.

  6. i think the problem is that i really want to like the president. i’ve been having fun liking the president. and i feel like it’s going to end before he’s even really the president. (at least we have sunday cat!)

  7. Hey, this comment thread is much more encouraging to read! At least nobody is questioning the guy’s mentality… What I find more discouraging as seeing the same-old-crap in DC is that I learning more and more how much consciousness raising there remains to be done (or has to be done all over again). Young feminists don’t question marriage as an institution; an act that to me is blatantly sexist is still called “just a joke.” And then the post about Britain and “post-feminism.” Haven’t we even made a dent in consciousness?!?

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