Brown on HRC on sexism

We told you about the picture,  but left out what Hillary Clinton said in response.  Here it is:

“Senator Clinton is pleased to learn of Jon’s obvious interest in the State Department,” Philippe Reines, a Clinton spokesman, noted in an email to ‘The Loop, “and is currently reviewing his application.”

Let me tell you what I initially thought.  Then do please look at Campbell Brown’s unhappy reaction linked to below and see what you think.

I thought it was a not bad put down.  “I’m reviewing his application” is an assertion of her power and his comparative lack of it, so it takes the picture for exactly what it was:  about power.

If she had cried “sexism,” what would have  happened?  The evening news would once again be full of insulting references to Clinton’s complaining and  not being able to take a joke!  As it was, they just didn’t get it. 

Or am I just wrong?  See what Campbell Brown thinks.  (You’ll also see the offending photo.)  What do you think?